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Fallout 4 – where’s Dogmeat?

Anybody seen my dog?  I lost Dogmeat early on.  It has been traumatic.  I grieved more than when I lost that dastardly, no good swindler of a son.  I have been to every town.  Nothing.  I have tried every Google searched remedy to the problem.  Nothing.

Welcome to Fallout 4.  It is emotional, it is amazing.  100 hrs passed so quickly.  A twistedly, wastelandish beautiful game.

Ok so you say that the post apocalyptic theme has been so overdone and it really got assassinated by Tina Turner in Mad Max 3 “Beyond Thunderbox.”

Now take those pre-conceptions away, throw them down a lime pit and buy this game.  What am I saying?  Everyone has bought this game.  Im telling everyone how great this is – after they have all sung with the choir and moved onto another religion.

This is one of the few games where the season pass has been worth it.  I hope you all got it before it went up dramatically in price.

Automatron.  Without giving too much away it is worth the season pass price for two reasons:

  1. The Get Smart entrances
  2. Mugatu.

PS: if someone can please give me a 100% proven way to find Dogmeat, Ill be relieved.  Im losing sleep….

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Star Wars Battlefront – yeah the newish one

The Death Star.  After destroying so many planets and people, The Death Star has completely destroyed this game and its faithful players.

“Welcome Savemi to Battlefronts Anonymous….”  Yes I am weaning myself off.  It has been a tough few weeks, but I think I will get through.

I was a Battlefront junkie.

Yes – it is not the best shooter in history.  Yes it has a dreadful single player experience.

No I am not (completely) insane.

But there was something about being a Stormtrooper or even a rebel, that spoke to me.

So many hours as a boy playing with the action figures, recreating scenes from the movies in our minds.  Adding twists at a whim.  Not in our wildest imaginations would we have thought that in the future we would be virtually thrust interactively into the action via a TV screen.

I was not an FPS fiend before.  I am turning the corner because of this game.

How fun to seek out hidey holes and sit to wait for prey.  Repeatedly.  The rush of running blindly into the frontline.  The skill thrill of hitting a sniper target at range.

….and I got to man an AT-AT, not to mention an AT-ST….

My first attempt on a speeder bike in the tutorials – my daughter was sitting with me.  We were in fits of laughter (at my incompetence) – so hard that I couldn’t continue playing.  And may have barked up something akin to a wookie sized furball.

Having not previously played FPS much before – I was buzzed and in a Star Wars world.  I have really bad eyesight which precludes me from normally playing FPS.  But this was smooth.  I was able to continue.

And continue I did, racking up insane amounts of hours – ripping through 2 controllers from wear (not raging).

I was happy enough to be the soldier.  Didn’t care much to be the hero.  Couldn’t be a pilot for the inability of my eyes to grasp another layer of depth.

The best part of the game was the 40 player battles.  After learning the game through Drop Pod and Cargo, I progressed to Turning Point.  As was the style at the time.  The massive map of Jakku that came with pre-order.  I was hooked.  So hooked.  I loved the final stage of that Turning Point map – the arena as I though of it.  It was intense.

As numbers dwindled in Turning Point due to lack of maps, I took up Supremacy.  Immediately daunting but more satisfying in game play.  With several maps, again I was hooked.

Blast was pointless.  Walker Assault was the worst, yet mystifyingly one of the most popular modes.  It all comes down to snow speeders.  If they get a tow cable on – its good night Irene, regardless of how much you have dominated the game previously.

So the first expansion came out.  With it came more Turning Point and Supremacy maps (free).  Ace.  Time to get back out there.  The Outer Rim introduced Extraction and focused on Heroes.  Not really my forte.

Good part about the first expansion was bringing players back on.  Meaning it was easier to get a game in the 40 player modes.

Expansion 2.  Cloud City.  It looked absolutely amazing.  And played like shit.  It supposedly played different game modes in sequence.  I only ever got to play Walker Assault (??!!!) and one other unforgettable mode.  Whats more is, the maps dont fit into the regular rotation of other maps in the regular games.  Surely there could be a mode for Season pass holders?  So you are basically stuck in Cloud City (rubbish) or just back to normal play.

Numbers flooded back for about two weeks.  Then slowly dissolved.

But there was a shining dark glow on the horizon.  Death Star.  Imagine running around a 40 player match of Supremacy in a multi level Death Star?

Death Star launched.  It was dismal.  It was a half assed “expansion” that reeked of a company trying to exit the game whilst still meeting their commitments.  2 pilot games – that I cant play and that nobody else seemed to care to.  One limited infantry game, but it was in rotation with the pilot games.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..  I could get a game in Supremacy and Turning Point.  Post Death Star, you are lucky to see anybody lined up at all.

There is one expansion left based on Rogue One.  Im not sure anybody will actually play it.  As for my Season Pass?  That we the most expensive non-game I have ever played.

Bring on Battlefront 2.

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Mafia 3 – What a start!!

It’s unusual for me to be playing one of these gangster style games.  I played GTA 4 and Saints Row – albeit not for very long.  As great games as I am told they are, the genre is just not my thing.

Curious then that I picked up Mafia 3.  Simply because I was curious.  What piqued my interest was the story line – I was told it was a belter.

The first two hours (or so) of Mafia 3 are compelling.  So much so that you can’t get up to make yourself a cup of tea – you don’t want to miss anything.  The background and introduction to the story line is riveting.  The acting is some of the best I have experienced in gaming.  The soundtrack: mind blowing (I really wish there was a way to see which song was playing at the time – as I would instantly download some that I do not already own)

I got up from the first session completely buzzing.  What have I discovered here?  What have I been missing in this genre?  What have I done with my life.  I couldn’t wait to get back to it and crack on.

Yes there is excessive violence in the game, again not usually my thing,  but it seems to be done in such a way as to weave within the story line, rather than replace it.  Much more powerful than the visuals however are  some of the Haitian stories – which conjure up far more terrifying and disturbing mental images than what is presented on screen.  Stuff that will keep you up at night.  Stories that make me want to know about Haitian history 10 times more than Deep South history.  Is this stuff for real?

Then comes the repetition.

Then comes a lot of unnecessary driving, sneaking around and surprise kills.

For the love of Gators, why do I need to drive from one side of the map to the other?  I understand if I am playing Forza Horizon 3 and there is a point to it.  But dont just make me drive to kill time.  Case in point.  The Dope runs.  I did one.  That was enough.  An unnecessarily long boat ride to pick up the dope.  A long and boring trip back.  Just when you are about to chuck yourself overboard and wrestle a giant lizard in the swamps you reach your destination.  Thank goodness.  Oh shit, now a long, slow, pointless truck drive to the location.

Sneak Kills.  Assassins Creed – hiding, whistling, take down, move onto the next.  I had to clear the same warehouse 3 times (successfully) with the same guys in the same location in order to progress the story.

I mention “successfully” because there is no save feature in the game.  You rely on checkpoints.  So I visited that same warehouse probably 10 times.  More than once I hit the “sneak attack” button too soon or too late – which then starts a Melee which alerts just about every man and his dog.  You get overwhelmed and guess what?  Start again.

So I had a good go at it last night to try and get further to see if the game play adds a bit more spice.  I have cleared two regions and found myself looking at the map.  How many to go?  Shit too many.  What else can I play?

I sit about 20% of the way through the game but eventually one day I will finish – the story line is that good that I want to find out what happens next.  I wonder if there is a fast forward button for when the action gets samey and I can just move on?

More to come.  Possibly.


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