Penguin Rescue


Yeti Teddy lives peacefully in the deep ice of the South Pole. He lives modestly in his cave and enjoys the tranquility far away from people. Teddy is very happy because he and his girlfriend Teyla have been invited to the summer holiday of the penguins.

Aurora, festivity and dances. But the pleasant party fuss is disturbed bysudden melting of the ice.

Is it possible that the global warming has reached the peaceful snow place? Take the trip together with our heroes in the footsteps of the melting ices and bring the South Pole in its previous condition. And keep in mind that the holiday must take place!

Penguin Rescue

  • Colorful graphics
  • Interesting design
  • Nice music
  • Many levels
  • Deferent bonuses
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Save this snowy place!


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