12 Labours of Hercules V Kids of Hellas


The peaceful living of Hercules and Megara is interrupted by mighty god of war, Ares. He asks Hercules to help him conquer the world by leading the great army. As soon as Hercules declines, Ares finds a way to avenge.

By using the enchanted toys, he zombifies the kids of Hellas so they will follow the god’s commands and become his warriors. With your help Hercules must return the kids home, blow up the factory that produces the evil toys, and lead a strategic operation to destroy the Ares’ command transmitter.

The game includes new characters and monsters. Midas the King introduces a new power. You will meet Codrus the Woodcutter and giant robot-like Golems. Also new major features are added: two-positional bridges, and gifts that increase the Bonus Power.

12 Labours of Hercules V Kids of Hellas

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Together with Hercules, save the kids kidnapped by god Ares


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