12 Labours of Hercules IV Mother Nature Collector’s Edition


The new adventure for Hercules and his wife Megara is about to begin. They are opposing the malicious gods of Olymp, which happened before. But there’s more: the gods summon a beast which is exactly as strong as Hercules himself!

Megara and Hercules need your help to save Mother Nature! You will turn desert to blooming gardens, using Megara powers and ancient … fire hydrants. The game also introduces the ancient heroes Midas the King and Epeius the Warrior with his Trojan Horse.

This edition includes Strategy Guide that will help you to learn advanced tactics. An extra Episode is included, as well as new features and landmarks!

12 Labours of Hercules IV Mother Nature Collector’s Edition

  • New feature: Megara and Hercules revive wasteland to unblock hidden passages and restore the world’s beauty!
  • Meet the legendary Midas himself
  • Secret challenge: certain levels have sets of hidden objects to find
  • Help building the Trojan Horse
  • Strategy Guide reveals the tactic tricks
  • Atmospheric wallpapers
  • An extra Episode with it’s own story
  • 50+ levels, new music, new adventure!
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Help Hercules and his wife Megara to restore the world’s beauty


Publisher: JetDogs

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