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What is Code Stripping?

Code stripping: the practice of removing or ‘stripping’ a game or software activation code from a physical, boxed product – entering it into a database and selling it as a digital code.  The physical product is then discarded. Ever wonder why some digital codes that you see for sale are considerably cheaper than Steam?  Its […]

WooCommerce HTML5 Video issues

Hey All. We are currently using the WooCommerce HTML5 Video plug in that has gone a bit haywire.  Videos not showing, cant add new ones, interface off in the left margin somewhere. Apparently there a new upgrade coming that is compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce.  Click here. To be honest it has been wayyyy too […]

Australia in the global scale of gaming

“sorry, I don’t have any more time to deal with Aus right now….” – a recent quote. It was out of blue and quite perplexing in the context.  The person, although experienced, was in an understaffed gaming company that (like what people say to me when they meet my wife) is punching above its weight. Now Ill preface […]