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Fallout 4 – where’s Dogmeat?

Anybody seen my dog?  I lost Dogmeat early on.  It has been traumatic.  I grieved more than when I lost that dastardly, no good swindler of a son.  I have been to every town.  Nothing.  I have tried every Google searched remedy to the problem.  Nothing.

Welcome to Fallout 4.  It is emotional, it is amazing.  100 hrs passed so quickly.  A twistedly, wastelandish beautiful game.

Ok so you say that the post apocalyptic theme has been so overdone and it really got assassinated by Tina Turner in Mad Max 3 “Beyond Thunderbox.”

Now take those pre-conceptions away, throw them down a lime pit and buy this game.  What am I saying?  Everyone has bought this game.  Im telling everyone how great this is – after they have all sung with the choir and moved onto another religion.

This is one of the few games where the season pass has been worth it.  I hope you all got it before it went up dramatically in price.

Automatron.  Without giving too much away it is worth the season pass price for two reasons:

  1. The Get Smart entrances
  2. Mugatu.

PS: if someone can please give me a 100% proven way to find Dogmeat, Ill be relieved.  Im losing sleep….

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